Lab-Volt and Festo Didactic signed and closed an acquisition agreement on June 20, 2014. Lab-Volt is now conducting business as Festo Didactic, part of the Festo Group. Both product portfolios of Lab-Volt and Festo Didactic will be available for dealers and customers worldwide from one source. Lab-Volt's range of products is referred to as "LabVolt Series".

E-learning and Technology

MindSight – a SCORM-compliant learning content management system (LCMS) – integrates the necessary tools to focus on what’s important: effi ciently building and delivering engaging lessons, while monitoring student progress to ensure success.

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The FACET Electronics Training System is based on a program consisting of courses carefully designed to foster recognition, understanding, experimentation, troubleshooting, application, design, and evaluation of analog and digital electronics circuitry.

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Electricity and New Energy

The Solar/Wind Energy Training System forms a complete hybrid energy training system. This modular program covers the history, fundamentals, installation, operation, maintenance, and servicing of alternative energy systems. It fi ts the needs of high school and college students.

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Fluid Power

Our hydraulics and pneumatics training packages are modular in structure. For example, you could start with the basic level of electrohydraulics/ electropneumatics and then move on to the advanced level.

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Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration

The HVAC-R modular training solutions are used by students to learn theory, hardware, and controls found in typical HVAC-R systems, as well as to develop practical troubleshooting knowledge

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Industrial Maintenance

The Industrial Controls Training Systems are designed to teach the theory and techniques of electric motor controllers

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Programmable Logic Controllers enable trainees to develop competence in operating, programming, and troubleshooting modern PLCcontrolled systems.

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Process Control

are modular systems that introduce students to a wide range of industrial processes, as well as their instruments and control devices

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powerful learning tools that allow students to become familiar with the operation of modern telephone networks and digital private automatic branch exchanges (PABX).

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